DAF Trucks and Sustainability

Imagine that you are Head of Global Strategy for DAF Trucks . Your CEO is concerned about the huge rate of change occurring in the global business environment and the risk that this could bring to the business in its current shape.
She/he has asked you to write a report which identifies a major global, external challenge that the business will face in the next 10 years and how you can turn the business to be sustainable, and how understanding this major global, external challenge could lead to changes in the company’s strategy right now.

There should be three sections to your assignment:

1. Identifying a major global challenge that DAF Trucks face using appropriate business analysis tools (PESTEL) and evidence.
2. Analysing the potential impact of this global challenge on DAF Trucks during the next ten years.
3. Making strategic recommendations to deal with this global challenge.
4. Globalisation and the macroeconomic context for an international business;
5. The key environmental, social, economic, technological, ecological, legal and political factors that influence an international business and its management;
6. How relationships with multiple stakeholders, especially about ethical and responsible behaviour, contribute to forming business strategy and corporate reputation in a global environment.

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