Curriculum Map

Goals and Objectives

Look in the word document and it will explain everything.

Before you start, look at this clip (link below) which is maybe a minute and a half. Mind sending me an email advising me what to put in this section? Listen to the instructor.

The link below is the instructor explaining activity 1 and also activity 2. But for this order, you are doing activity 1. Will do an order when activity 1 is completed that will include the peer reviews. Activity 2 would be a separate order next week.

Project Description
Once you have your Curriculum Map ready, you can start drilling down into the specifics of a unit. A unit typically constitutes a series of lessons to cover one standard or topic. The first step in the unit planning process is to design goals and objectives. First you must learn the difference between goals and objectives. A goal statement describes an overarching outcome of an instructional unit. A learning objective states one of several specific performances. A single goal may have several learning objectives, the achievement of which leads to attaining the goal. In this activity, you will begin your unit plan by writing the goal and objectives for the unit for which you unpacked the standard.

Performance outcome
Candidates will explore the difference between goals and objectives.
Candidates will create an overarching goal and objectives for an unpacked standard.

Report requirements
Unit Plan document with the Goals and Objectives section filled out


  1. Discuss the difference between goals and objectives with your Cohort in the Virtual Classroom (done).
  2. Download the Unit Plan template from the Activity Resources (unit plan attached) and fill out the first two sections on Goals and Objectives for a previously unpacked standard. Your unit should have at least five lessons, and can have more.
    3 and 4 below will be a separate order, once 2 of my classmates post their unit plans, but for now, we have to start with number 2 above.
  3. Through the Comments section on their Submission page, review at least two other Cohort members’ unit goals and objectives to evaluate:
    o The goal – is it overarching and appropriate?
    o The objectives – are they specific, adequate, and appropriate to meet the goal aligned to varying levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy? Objectives should be SMART; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound.
    o Do they include the literacy skills learned in the unit?
  4. Write a summary of your peer reviews on your Submission page.
    goals and objectives video shown in class:


Peer review will be a separate order. Have to wait for classmates to post theirs in order to do the review.

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