Current Trends in Epidemiology

It is important for health professionals share with others their understanding of current trends and issues in epidemiology and/or a related field.  This assignment allows students to share their views with others; video presentations are common these days and this exercise will serve as preparation for the requirements of your chosen career field.


Students will develop and record a video presentation of the book approved and read earlier in the semester.  Presentations should include the following sections: 

  • Reviewer Introduction – Introduce yourself!
  • Title, Author, Publisher, and Year – Provide bibliographic information at the beginning of the presentation; pictures of the book are always welcome.
  • Book Summary – Tell the listener what the book was about.
  • Purpose – Discuss the author(s) purpose for writing the book.
  • Likes and Dislikes – Identify what you liked most about the book and what you liked least.
  • Importance and Implications – Share your ideas on the importance of the book to its respective field.  Also, discuss the implications of the book relative to its topic. 
  • Reader Recommendations – Would you recommend this book?  Either way, justify your recommendation with examples.

This assignment must utilize the Yuja platform available through the university.  Video recordings must utilize PowerPoint as its backdrop, with slides presented for each of the sections identified above.  Additionally, presenter view should be used during production; mere slide voiceovers are not acceptable – we want to see you during your presentation.  Finally, presentations should be between 5 and 10 minutes in length.  A complete hyperlink to completed video presentations should be submitted in Folio; links submitted through other routes will not be accepted.


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