Current Debate Issue

Format:           Word/PDF MLA format

Purpose: This essay consists of a research paper, delivered in stages. Students will choose a current issue of debate from to explore, examine, and respond to. The essay will be worked on throughout the semester and completed as a final paper in MLA format. You will choose one topic and develop your essay through three stages.

Stage 1: Proposal

Stage 2: Outline

Stage 3: Final Draft

Essay Milestones

Stage 1: Proposal Length: 2 pages Value: 5 points Submit the proposal of your essay using the template.
Stage 2: Outline Length: 3 full pages Value: 5 points Submit an outline of your essay using the template. (Revise and add to the proposal.)
Stage 3: Final Draft Length: 5 full pages *This should be at least 1,250 words. Value: 15 points Submit the final draft of your essay in MLA format. (Revise and add to the outline.)

TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Start early. Develop a research and writing schedule for the semester. Review the instructions multiple times and ask questions if you need help. Stay on track with the assignments for this essay so that you can turn in a strong final draft.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Decide on a topic from the website You may only choose articles on this list.

Answer the questions in the Essay Proposal Template. You may not change your topic after you submit this proposal.

Step 2: Build on the Proposal by reading my feedback and making revisions. Answer the questions in the Essay Outline Template. Keep the prompts in place and write one paragraph per prompt. Turn each prompt into a topic sentence.

Step 3: Turn the Outline into an essay and review the Essay Final Draft Rubric. Use topic sentences for each paragraph that you carry over from the Outline.

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