Critique Discussion

You are required to provide “One” substantial posting that answers the question, and “One” substantial reply or critique per topic per unit discussion board. You do not have to reply to all students’ posts; just “One” reply to “One” student meets the requirements. Provide insight into your personal viewpoints and how the information you read contributes to your further understanding of the topic. Be sure to adequately explain your viewpoints in order to receive full credit. You may use the readings to support your discussions. Make up your answer in a word processor, check the spelling and then paste it into your Blackboard discussion.

Read the questions carefully and made sure to define any terms that would make your answer clearer. Always use the text when answering your primary question.


A critique is an academic exercise that corrects, explains, add-value to another student’s work. If you find that a student has not used the study tools to address the question, let them know in your critique what they might have supported their statements using a study tool such as a video, mini-lecture, the text, and a Power Point. You can complement their work to a degree, but the exercise required that you used your knowledge and understanding of the course material enough to comment on their work or add to it. It is not enough that you make a recommendation, but you must actually explain for them the content of your suggestion or correction. You will get better a critiquing by the end of the term and is probably the most challenging part of the course.

Remember, it is an academic learning exercise that actually says something about how much you understand the material and have used the study tools properly.

What does one substantial posting and 1 substantial reply mean?

In week one you are asked to understand ways that society can be seen. What does “seen” mean? Your substantial post would answer that question. It would be presented in an essay format and should be around 150-200 words or so. You are then to read what others have written and replay to their answer. You only need to make one reply to one student. You can agree with their answer, disagree with their answer, and critique their answer using the book as a source. Remember, this is an academic course where grammar, spelling, punctuation, as well as the completeness of your answers will be graded. Critique should be around 150 words.  In most cases, if you make a reasonable attempt at discussion board you will get high marks for your post and reply. I will be subtracting points for various reasons which I will comment on. I will also be commenting on your work and making recommendations for further reading, video viewing etc. directly into Blackboard. You will receive an email from me with your posts graded with comments, about a week after the due date.

Primary Post: 150-200 Words or more.

Critique: 150 Words or more.

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