Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Research Article

Each student is required to prepare and submit one critical analysis (evaluation) of a study reported in the research literature. The most likely sources are periodicals that specialize in the publication of research findings. The date of publication must be within the past five years. Please submit a electronic copy of the article together with the critical analysis t. Articles selected should be rather brief (about 5‑10 pages), but complete in their treatment of the research problem.

No page limit is imposed upon the length of the critique, but most studies can be analyzed within three to four typewritten pages. Provide an APA style reference for the study at the top of page one. The purpose of the evaluation is to comment upon the adequacy of the article as a research report by analyzing each component of the study. Point out any errors or poor procedures you detect, as well as strengths or desirable procedures. Use the outline below as a guide in your analysis. Note that for items 2 – 16 you are to state whether the research report provides adequate information or whether the procedure used in the research study was adequate. It is suggested that you use a five-point Likert rating scale of very good to very poor to indicate the overall adequacy of each item. Be sure to justify your position on each item. The last three items should reflect your overall opinion about the article.

Items to Include in the Critical Analysis

  1. APA style reference

  2. Title

  3. Description of the Problem

  4. Significance of the Problem

  5. Analysis of Literature Relevant to the Problem

  6. Identification of Independent Variables and Dependent Variables

  7. Statement of Operational Research Question(s) or Hypotheses

  8. Definition of Terms

  9. Population and Sampling Procedures

10. Data Sources and Data Collection Procedures

11. Instrumentation or Measurement Devices – Validity and Reliability Information

12. Data Tables and Data Analysis

13. Presentation and Interpretation of Findings

14. Conclusions and Recommendations

15. Summary or Abstract of the Study

16. Suggestions for Further Research in the Problem Area

17. Strengths of the Study (your opinion)

18. Weaknesses of the Study (your opinion)

19. Suggestions for Improving the Study (your opinion)

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