Criminal Justice Report Writing

Scenario 1 – Report of Theft of Property From a Vehicle

Business name: Joe’s Pizza Palace, in the Rosewood Shopping Center.

Location: 1158 Madison Street, Anytown, AL, 12345 (Alabama County).

Property Reported Stolen: Two computers from owner’s vehicle.

Summary: Owner, Joe Person, called Anytown Police on 12/01/2020 to report two laptop computers stolen from his blue 2013 Jeep Wrangler. You are dispatched to the location to investigate. The Jeep was parked in the alley behind the business location and was locked. Joe states that he was placing trash by the dumpster in the alley when he saw two men, approximately 25–30 years old, tampering with his vehicle. As he approached, the suspects fled the scene. Upon closer inspection, Joe noticed the plastic rear window of the Jeep had been slashed open and the computers had been removed from the back seat.

Instructions: Complete an incident report based on the scenario above. Please use your name and hypothetical rank or position (or a fictitious name and rank/position) and write the report from this perspective. The elements described above must be in the report, but you must add the following details:

  1. Brand names and serial number of the two computers (they do not have to be real).
  2. Victim’s stated value of the computers.
  3. Time of day victim contacted police.
  4. Approximate time of day alleged theft occurred.
  5. Provide basic descriptions of Suspect 1 and Suspect 2.
  6. Some report fields will be filled out for you. For all other report fields marked please respond, use your imagination!

Note: Remember to Complete Part I (The Report) and Part II (Assignment Reflection) in this document. Once you have completed both parts, save the document by adding your name to the file and upload it to Blackboard via the assignment submission link.

Part I – Crime Scene Investigation Report

Case Number Scenario#1 10919102

Location of Crime: (Please respond)

Time Call Received: (Please respond)

Arrival Time: (Please respond)

Patrol Officers: (Please respond)

Supervisor: Sgt. Bob Smith IV

Time: (Please respond)

Weather: (Please respond)

Terrain: (Please respond)

Temperature: (Please respond)

Victim Information: (Please respond)

Witness Statements: (Please respond)

Narrative Description of the Crime Scene: (Please respond)

Description of Items Stolen: (Please respond)

Description of Suspect #1: (Please respond)

Description of Suspect #2: (Please respond)

Part II – Assignment Reflection

For this section, please write a 300–350-word, double-spaced reflection on what you learned about report writing in this assignment and what you think will help you most in your career.

Consider these questions as you reflect:

  • What areas of report writing do you feel are within your strengths?
  • Which areas might require more practice?
  • Are there parts of report writing you enjoy or do not enjoy?
  • How might this assignment help you in your career? Feel free to write about what you did or didn’t like about the assignment, and what you learned from the assignment that you think will help you most in your career.


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