COVID-19 Pandemic, Endemic, and Epidemic Rates

Explain what COVID-19 is along with the differences between pandemic, endemic and epidemic disease rates.
Define the social determinants of health and identify the different components found in the first chapters of the textbook and PowerPoint slides.
Choose between three and four determinants that you will focus on in the paper and state them.
Use transition sentence.
In the body (3-4 paragraphs)
Dedicate a paragraph to each of the determinants of health that you chose.
Define the determinant
Give up to two real-world examples of the determinant as it relates to COVID-19
Be sure to use your peer-reviewed citations
Speculate about how the problem could be resolved by making improvements within this determinant. Suggest some solutions.
Write a sound conclusion.
Say what you learned from this project.
State why the areas that you chose were important or of interest to you.
Make a prediction about whether you believe the world is improving in the areas that you chose.
Any other concluding thoughts.

Make a checklist to ensure that you’ve included all of these points. You will be graded as objectively as possible on the extent to which you followed the above guide.

Course Policies Regarding Written Work:

Students are required and must adhere to the use of APA Style (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). Note: The latest edition (6th). All written assignments must be submitted on the due date. Late papers will not be accepted and a zero will be given for that assignment. There will be strict adherence to this policy with no exceptions.

Assignments must have a cover/title page, be type-written, doubled spaced. Number your pages, as per APA style, and give a cover page as per APA style. Leave uniform margins of one inch at the top, bottom, left and right of every page. In most word-processing programs, one inch is the default setting for margins. Size 12-point Times Roman or Ariel font is recommended. Please do not use enhanced or oddly sized fonts. These are inappropriate. Start the reference list on a new page. Type the word “References” centered at the top of the page. Double space all reference entries. The first line of each reference is set flush left and subsequent lines are indented.

All pages of the paper including the title page must be numbered. The number should appear at least one inch from the right-hand edge of the page, in the space between the top edge of the paper and the first line of the text (Please refer APA Style Guide 6th Ed.).
Prepare a 4 PAGE APA 7th edition style double-spaced paper about the factors beyond individual choices that determine whether someone contracts COVID-19 and recovers from it. You must include at least six peer-reviewed sources.

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