Corporate Use of Email

Textbook Readings

Read the following chapters in Hynes, Managerial Communication:

  • Chapter 9: Managerial Listening
  • Chapter 10: Nonverbal Communication

Scholarly Sources

This reading activity uses the online databases provided by ProQuest. You can connect with all of the databases available to you, as well as the New Jersey State Library, by logging into the myEdison portal and locating the My Resources block. Links can be found under the Educational tab.

Using the ProQuest database, find and read the following article:

  • Lauer, M. J. (2005). Interpreting nonverbal communication in interviews. Performance Improvement, 44(1), 39–40.

Written Assignment 3

Scenario: At a weekly managers’ meeting, considerable discussion takes place concerning the corporate use of  email. Most employees use the  email system correctly; nonetheless, an increasing number of staff members are sending emails that are poorly written, unprofessional, or discourteous. Each manager is charged with communicating with her or his staff in an attempt to alleviate this problem. The manager’s administrative assistant identifies the following websites as potential resources to assist in constructing an announcement:

Acting as a manager, select two or more of the above websites to help with your message’s composition. Provide a briefing of between 100 and 200 words. Prepare well-structured paragraphs and not a simple bullet list. Use the text-box of the discussion thread as if it were the body of your e-mail. Compose a communication regarding the proper use of  email, incorporating 10 tips (all tips should be available within the contributing sources and properly cited using APA style). Provide links to direct the employees to additional information or to the source of a particular tip as needed.

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