Contemporary Considerations

As we wrap-up the course, let’s consider two of the five issues discussed at length in the last chapter. You will read our authors’ take on limitations and utility of the Big Five personality assessment. You will also learn more about positive psychology as a new way to consider personality.  Please respond to the following two items, thoroughly. 

1. Can you think of any other traits that have been overlooked by psychologists who adopt the Big Five taxonomy? What are the strengths
and weaknesses of utilizing the Big Five model for theorizing and research? (minimum 250 words)
2. Why do many psychologists call the “positive psychology” approach to the study of personality uplifting and liberating? (minimum 250 words)

The other issues, including culture, biological underpinnings, and the relevance of personal goals are all very important to read and contemplate. If you want to raise issues about any of those, you are welcome to do so here as well. 

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