Construction Quality Assurance Plan

Assessment Task

Create a Quality Assurance plan for a new construction project.

  1. Explain why quality assurance (QA) is important for your construction project.In the report mention the quality principles and tool applied for development of the QA plan.
  1. Identify contractor obligations for QA in NZS 3910:2013 and summarise this for the construction project.
  1. Develop a quality assurance plan for the project. Include the following sections (generally as listed under NZS3910:2013 Clause 5.18.2).

As part of this project, you are required to make up a company name and allocate a contract number. The structure of the report should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Discuss the importance of QA, contractual obligations, quality management systems – Requirements prescribed in AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016.
  • Stakeholders and their responsibilities: For example, Managers, Contractors, Workers, Engineers and others
  • Communication: Frequency, mode of correspondence between the stakeholders
  • On and off-site administration considerations.

Logistics, support, machine maintenance, quality of products from supplier etc.

  • Materials and Workmanship. Explain how you will ensure that materials and fixings for main contractor trades brought on to site are as specified and the methods of fixings are as specified.
  • Monitoring and maintaining subcontractors’ performance. Explain how you would monitor the subcontractor’s work is as specified.
  • Record keeping. Explain how you would plan and monitor recording before and after commencing work on site of computer and paper copies in respect of:
  • Official contract documentation, e.g., tender, post tender negotiations, acceptance letter, contract drawings and specification.
  • Minutes of site meetings and PCG meetings.
  • Payment claims to engineer.
  • Client variation records.
  • Construction programme issues and control together with remedial action should progress be behind programme.
  • Drawing and document transmittals.
  • Drawing register.
  • Subcontractor’s (Variations, extra claims, payment claims).
  • Site diaries.
  • As-built drawings, commissioning, manuals.
  • Health and safety. Include site inductions for workers.
  •  Recording of signed check sheets and ITPs. (Inspection and test plans).
  • Documentation for signing off Contract Works as complete. Practical and final completion.
  • Procedures to ensure that all persons engaged in the contract works are appropriately qualified, experienced and trained or working directly under the supervision of such persons.
  1. Auditing the quality plan.

Create a plan for auditing performance. Explain when and how the audit is planned to be actioned. Create a remedial plan if defect is identified. 

  1. Inspection and testing: Create an inspection checklist(s) for the manufacturer. The manufacturer would include checks along the way, e.g., formwork has been installed correctly, reinforcing steel grade and placement, inserts and lifting eyes fitted. It may also include transport checks.  Fixing considerations should include foundation beam curing, crane(s) having sufficient lifting capacity, sufficient temporary propping, and acceptable sealant between panels.

*Note there will be more items than the above. These are just some examples to get you thinking.

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