Connecting Training, Learning, and Development

The following questions are related to the attached Book: The Fundamentals of Training and Development? in this Module. Please respond to all these questions in one thread. Please number your response based on the question numbers below.

In addition to your answers to the questions, please create one open-ended question that relates to one of the chapters to start a discussion with your peers. This question could be something that you considered when reading the chapters and reviewing other sources, or something you’ve experienced that is conflicting with, or similar to the material.


  1. Based on the reading from the eBook in this module, how would you connect training, learning and development to the future of learning in the workplace? What might be some evidence of this as supported by your own experience?
  2. Learners have a preference, so do trainers. If you are tasked to develop a training module on the topic of “conflict management” (how to manage conflict in the workplace), what would be the method you use to develop this module, and why? This question is asking for the method you use to develop the module on that topic, and not about the content of “conflict management.”

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