Confidentiality in Group Therapy


You are leading a long-term cognitive behavioral therapy group for adults with a diagnosis of depression. This closed group has been meeting for 6 months on Tuesday evenings. Attendance has been very good: everyone has come to more than 95% of the group sessions. As usual, you are looking forward to tonight’s session.


How will you help Lucy and Alejandro resolve their conflict? Do Jennifer, Monty, Barry, and Sung have more to say? Now it’s your turn to decide! Write about 10 minutes of further group dialogue, including yourself as the group leader. Draw upon your knowledge of group therapy leadership techniques, including feedback (as in the scenario), with references to course materials.

Instructions: See all attachments

1.         Information needed on attachment “Solution-focused brief therapy group”

2.         Consider Florida as the practice state “Only if needed to mention the state”

3.         4 Evidenced-based References APA 7th not older than 2019

4.         Review in Grammarly before submitting. Expect to write from scratch. Strict plagiarism checks.



You are leading a long-term cognitive behavioral therapy group for adults with a diagnosis of depression. The group has been meeting for six months on Tuesdays evenings. Attendance has been good: everyone has come to more than 95% of the group sessions. The group is moving into the working phase/stage of group therapy.

Alejandro Escobar-Vega

Alejandro is a 34-year-old man with a history of depression. Alejandro is a regular patient of yours who you first saw in clinic and then at the ER for a suicide attempt prior to the forming of this group. He was recently discharged from a two-week hospital stay after a second suicide attempt. He resisted joining the group, but has become a regular attendee, because his wife Dani insisted on it. His son Dario attends West High School, where Lucy Edwards teaches.

Lucy Edwards

Lucy is a 57-year-old married woman who has twin daughters who are 20 and attend college in another state. Lucy was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has a 15-year history of depression. She has been on medication and involved in individual therapy for several years but due to social isolation her therapist recommended she join this therapy group. Lucy teaches at West High School, where Barry’s and Alejandro’s sons attend.

Barry Van Dyke

Barry is a 43-year-old divorced man who has a son who is a junior at West High School. Barry has suffered with depression for three years, ever since his parents were killed in a motor vehicle accident. They were hit head-on by a drunk driver and were killed instantly. Barry is an only child.

Sung Park

Sung is a 38-year-old single woman. Sung is social worker at a local Korean service agency where she provides community support services to Korean families. The community is home to a large Korean population. Sung has had depression since high school and has been in treatment for more than eight years. She takes medication as well as being in individual and group therapy.

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer is a 49-year-old African American woman and the mother of three children, aged 11, 12, and 15. Her long-term partner is their father. Jennifer has a history of depression, which began when she was 13, and sexual trauma. She has been in treatment since her late teenage years. She attempted suicide once at the age 18 after being sexually assaulted.

L’Antonee “Monty” Montgomery

Monty is a 40-year-old single gay man who has major depression. He has been hospitalized four times in the last two years for suicidal ideation. He works at the local day care center for seniors.

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