Conceptual Paper: Balkin

Conceptual papers should be roughly 1 to 1 1/2 double-spaced pages in length (no more than two pages), with 1″ margins and 11-point font. Please consult the AGE OF REASON SAMPLE PAPER pdf FIRST. And then open “Age of Reason reading” pdf which is the reading for the sample paper. I encourage you to read the Tips and Rubrics pdf to be successful in this writing.

Please note that the reading for this assignment is the last essay in the “CONSTITUTIONAL BASICS” pdf.

In Constitutional Crisis and Constitution Rot, Jack Balkin discusses the ways in which constitutions can cease to serve as fundamental governing documents. Answer the following questions about Balkin’s essay:

  1. Why does Balkin bring up Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and why does he bring up the Civil War? Explain.
  2. What role do demagogues play in constitutional rot and why does Balkin bring up James Comey as a sign of constitutional rot? Explain.

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