Comparing Scriptures from Different Bible Versions

You will compare the English text of your selected passage of Scripture using the template below. There are a few goals:
• to become familiar with the differences in these kinds of English Bibles.
• to gain proficiency in evaluating the significance of differences.
• to identify areas that will require further study and explanation in your Exegetical Analysis Essay.
Your initial thread should be completed in the template on page 2. Follow the instructions for completing the template. When finished, copy the content of page 2, create a new thread in the Discussion: Comparing Translations, and then paste the content of page 2 as your thread. As a second step, upload page 2 as a .docx file attachment to your thread.

  1. Copy and paste the text of your passage into the three boxes for comparison. You can get the text from Logos, Biblearc, or elsewhere on the web.
  2. Use colored fonts, underlining, and/or highlighting to show differences in the translations.
  3. In at least 300 words, respond to the questions below the chart on page 2 after completing your analysis (300 words total, not per question; word count should exclude the text of your translations and the text of the questions).

Scripture Reference:
Formal Equivalent: Dynamic Equivalent: Paraphrase:
Enter Text in the Box Below Enter Text in the Box Below Enter Text in the Box Below

In a thread of at least 300 words, respond to these questions:

  1. What are the general differences between the translational strategies of the three translations, and where are the specific places in your passage where these differences are most evident?

Click or tap here to enter text.

  1. Although some differences might not impact the meaning or clarity of the passage, others might. What are the significant differences between the three translations? How could these differences impact one’s interpretation of the passage?

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  1. For one of the significant differences you noted in the previous question, find the Greek text in an interlinear that is giving rise to the English translations/differences. Write the Greek word(s) in your response below, and then look up the potential meaning of the word(s) in a lexicon. Based on the rest of your selected passage, which of the options for the word(s) listed in the lexicon fits best in this particular context? Why?

Click or tap here to enter text.

  1. If you had to recommend one change to the translation committees of each of the three translations, what would you recommend and why?

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