Comparative Religion

Answer four of the following questions (be sure to indicate which ones):

  1. Explain how the Christian conception of the nature of God differs from the Jewish conception.
  2. Explain the idea of sola scriptura and explain why this creates a genuine division within Christianity between Protestants and Catholics. Be sure to provide a few examples of those differences (in practice, church structure, or beliefs).
  3. Explain the concept of original sin, including St. Augustine’s account of its cause and how original sin is transmitted.
  4. St. Augustine and Martin Luther both urged than human beings are fundamentally depraved, i.e., that we cannot do good deeds without being given divine grace to allow us to do so. Do you agree with their contention? Justify your answer.
  5. In your judgment, why does Christianity emphasize the importance of holding specific beliefs (at its most extreme exemplified in Luther’s idea of salvation sola fides—by faith alone) so much more than does Judaism?
  6. Explain why some early Christian theologians rejected the homoousian view that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine.

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