Comparative HR analysis Strategic Plan

This assignment has two components: a proposal and an outline. Submit the outline and proposal as one document as a total of two pages, not including the title and reference page(s).


The one-page proposal must include your main topic, any ancillary topics, three to four researched references (peer-reviewed) that show your proposed topic has academic-based articles available, and any assumptions that you may have concerning your topic as well as possible expected outcomes or conclusions.


The one-page outline draft should be high level with the expectation that as you complete additional research, more detailed information may be included on an ongoing basis.

Submit the outline and proposal as one document as a total of two pages not including the title and reference page.

You have been asked to compare and contrast two city locations within a given geographic region. You will develop a paper regarding the pros and cons of each location from the HR perspective. That is, doing a comparative HR analysis for each city. Ultimately, you will want to put forth its recommendations for a recommended city within the region.

Finally, after you have selected the countries and cities, you will use the following scenario as a point of reference to do your comparative HR analysis strategic plan.

Your company is looking for a location for a new production facility in your geographic region. This production facility will hire many local workers for all aspects of the facility (e.g., production, supervision, quality, shipping, and other line functions). There may be a few (but not too many) traditional expatriates in accordance with the country’s established regulations. Fill in some details about your hypothetical organization to make the presentation more interesting and more relevant.

Prepare a report comparing and contrasting the cities you have selected from the region. The focus of the report is how the management of your human talent will affect the ability to be successful in that region. You will need to discuss a variety of issues in order to conduct a thorough analysis. The following is a list of the possible issues. These are only suggestions. You probably will not be able to cover everything. It is your prerogative to present the issues you believe are most relevant for the given region. Basically, give a well justified decision regarding the location you have selected from an HR perspective.

Suggested Details

Here are some details that you can include in your research paper:

  • Analysis of need/availability of talent (local, third country nationals)
  • Legal obligations and concerns affecting HR and labor relations
  • Mandated regulatory compliance of the country
  • Flexibility of the wage bill (ability to adjust hours and ability to adjust headcount)
  • Labor and management relations challenges that impact the decision-making process of global leaders
  • Employee Relations
  • Staffing and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefit Programs
  • Affirmative Action (if applicable to the country)
  • Competence of workforce (education/training)
  • Turnover rates
  • Medical and health systems
  • Cultural dimensions. How do they affect the practice of HR? How will they affect the functioning of the location?
  • The way the organizations are structured in the country
  • Political and economic stability, currency exchange issues
  • Quality and performance standards to create the best place to work for
  • Mechanisms to attract, recruit and select, and retain qualified talent
  • Value, empower, motivate, and reward employees
  • Generating a cohesive culture when leading the organization’s vision and mission
  • Nepotism
  • Ethical concerns regarding hiring, child labor, bribery, etc.
  • Salary levels expected by host nationals
  • Availability of housing, schools, benefits, etc. for expatriates
  • Other compensation and benefit concerns
  • Language
  • Religion and level of orthodoxy
  • Other norms of the business community (e.g., greetings, meetings, negotiation)
  • Women in business
  • Group norms (e.g., individualism/collectivism)
  • Level of formality (i.e., deference, hierarchy)
  • Value of time and time consciousness

In addition, each paper should be neatly typed, free of grammatical and spelling errors, doubled-space, 12-point font Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, and adheres to current APA guidelines.

Papers will be graded according to the rigor of the questions asked, the research and information provided, how well the questions are answered in the research, and the depth and breadth of their research scope.

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