Community Focus Group

Community Focus Group Worksheet
Create a plan for a community focus group. Answer the prompts below with a minimum of 45 to 90 words for each prompt.

  1. Provide background information on the social problem.
  2. List at least 3 objectives/goals of the focus group.
  3. Describe your target population.
  4. Describe your plan to recruit potential participants, including possible social media options:
  5. Identify the location of the focus group.
  6. List specific open-ended questions you will ask participants.
  7. Describe any known ethical issues.
  8. Discuss the facilitation of the focus group (explanation to participants, facilitator’s role, notetaker’s role, how information will be used, summary of group process, etc.).
  9. Describe how you will evaluate the information shared in the group.
  10. Discuss how you would determine from a focus group whether a policy change should be implemented for addressing your identified social problem.

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