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Stakeholders are either impacted or can impact the reopening project of the new park (Nguyen & Aguilera, 2010). One of the project manager's key responsibilities is to be aware of stakeholders' needs and expectations and adequately inform them about the project (Biskupek, 2016). The key is to sustain viable and sustainable relations with stakeholders so they do not get against the project or remain unsatisfied with the situation. Particularly, the park had a safety incident, and now properly communicating with all stakeholders can be vital for the project's success and the planned reopening. The three stakeholders identified for this project are communities around the parks, employees, and media representatives. All of them have different needs and expectations from the project, requiring a personalized approach during communication. For the two of them, the impact of the park reopening project is quite high, while for the media, it is relatively lower.

Stakeholders Stakeholder’s Interest in the Park Reopening Assessment of the Impact on the Stakeholder (Low/Medium/High) and Why Information and Communication Needs of the Stakeholder Communication Methods With the Stakeholder
Communities of the parks (external) They want to visit the park and enjoy it whenever it opens. They also want to be informed about its safety. High, as they are part of the neighborhood of the park Updates about the park reopening plan and timelines Posters and banners, social media ads
Employees engaged in the park (internal) They want to know the job opportunities that the park will offer. High, as they receive income from park Updates about the park reopening plan and possibilities of employment before reopening Emails and on-site meetings every quarter
Media representatives/journalists (external) They want to write articles or news releases about the park reopening. Low, as they do not have any direct impact on the park Final information about the reopening date Emails, phone calls

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Nguyen, G.T.L. & Aguilera, A. (2010). Key Stakeholders’ Impacts on the Implementation Phase of International Development Projects: Case Studies. Umea School of Business.

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