Common Elements of Oppression


  1. Select one common element of oppression from the assigned required readings. One Common Element of Oppression: Invisibility
  2. Apply this one element to at least two different oppressed groups. Oppressed Groups: LGBTQ+ and Elderly
  3. Discuss in detail how that particular element manifests itself with those groups.
  4. Describe at least two social justice strategies that each of the groups used to overcome the effects of this oppressive element (ex. Activism, Empowerment, Ally, Advocacy).
  5. Describe any ethical dilemmas that the groups may face in using those social justice strategies to fight against oppression.

You may utilize course readings, readings outside the course, and material from class discussion in the development of your paper. Assigned readings, including Ayvazian, Pharr, and Van Soest from required readings, may be helpful for this option.

APA Citations: You must use at least six references with at least four references being from sources other than our primary textbook and supplemental readings. They must come from scholarly journals (refereed or peer-reviewed) or books and NOT USE US Weekly, People, Time, US News & World Report, Wikipedia, or the link. Government websites for statistics are okay to use.

Your paper should be seven to nine pages in length, not including cover page, abstract, and references.

Please see the rubric below. This is a 100 point assignment worth 30 percent of your final grade.

Resource to help with a social Justice Strategy:

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