Command and Control Research

For this lab you will be doing research on command and control related to red team assessments. Select one of the areas below to explore both the theoretical and practical aspects at depth.

  1. Domain Fronting and C2 Techniques: Investigate modern domain fronting techniques and their applications in red team C2 infrastructure, exploring methods to enhance stealth and evasion capabilities.
  2. Decentralized C2 Architectures: Research the development of a decentralized command and control architecture, leveraging concepts like peer-to-peer networks to increase resilience and reduce detection.
  3. Automated Red Team Infrastructure Deployment: Develop an automated system for deploying complex red team infrastructure, utilizing tools like Terraform and Ansible, focusing on scalability and operational security.
  4. Multi-Stage Payload Delivery Systems: Study and design advanced multi-stage payload delivery systems for red team operations, emphasizing stealth and evasion from modern defensive mechanisms.
  5. Machine Learning in Red Team Infrastructure: Explore the application of machine learning to automate decision-making in red team infrastructure, such as optimal routing of traffic and dynamic adaptation to defensive measures.
  6. Cross-Platform C2 Frameworks: Develop a cross-platform command and control framework that can seamlessly operate across different operating systems and environments, enhancing operational flexibility for red teams.
  7. C2 Communication over Covert Channels: Research covert communication channels for C2 operations, such as DNS tunneling or ICMP data exfiltration, focusing on evading modern network defense systems.
  8. Enhancing OPSEC in Red Team Operations: Study operational security (OPSEC) aspects in red team infrastructure, developing methodologies and tools to minimize digital footprints and avoid detection.
  9. Analysis of Red Team Infrastructure against AI-Driven Defense: Analyze the effectiveness of red team infrastructure against AI-driven defense systems, identifying potential weaknesses and developing countermeasures.
  10. Automating Threat Emulation with C2 Infrastructure: Design a system for automating threat emulation using red team C2 infrastructure, allowing for more realistic and dynamic security testing scenarios.

Output of at least 8 pages. Reminder that your work should be commensurate with expectations for graduate level work. You MUST explore both theoretical and practical aspects. Practical aspects include some level of technical implementation in addition to your 8 pages.

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