Coffee Addiction

  1. In the blog describe your experience; what challenges/barriers you encountered and ways you worked to navigate them. Please read last weeks blog for a better understanding. My addiction is called “coffee beans.”
    a. Discuss your feelings and reactions during this time period, especially focusing on times you “lapse” or experience temptation. I haven’t lapsed, but it’s growing harder, especially when I can smell coffee being made. I am also mentally justifying that I can have a cup of coffee because this is just some school experiment and long-term it doesn’t really mean anything.
    b. It is especially important to indicate times when it was both difficult and easy to abstain, as well as those specific circumstances during which you “slipped” (birthdays, holidays, and weekends seem especially difficult). As making coffee every morning for the last 20-odd years has been a happy part of my morning routine to wake up, it’s rather hard to break the pattern of reinforcement.
  2. Each week address what stages of change you identify with and the rationale for it.

Stages of Change: Preparation: There is intention to take action and some steps have been taken. Action: Behavior has been changed for a short period of time. Maintenance: Behavior has been changed and continues to be maintained for the long-term. Termination: There is no desire to return to prior negative behaviors.

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