Clinical Practice Journal: Applying Solution Focused Therapy

Submit a clinical practice journal entry between 400 and 600 words in length. Informal Writing Assignment, no reference required! Please make sure to stay within the word count as I will be taken off points if it goes over.

Submit a clinical practice journal entry answering the following prompts:

  1. What types of clients and client problems are best suited for solution-focused therapy? Is this approach effective only with high-functioning clients, or can it be used effectively to treat more serious problems (e.g., substance abuse, sexual abuse, personality disorders, or severe mental illness)?
  2. To what extent does solution-oriented therapy ignore peoples pain (as some critics of the approach suggest), and to what extent does it facilitate clients positive experiences, which in turn empower them to change what is painful in their lives?
  3. What are some examples of how solution-focused techniques could be effectively incorporated into the practice of other models? What are some examples of where this attempt might be ill-advised?

Clinical Practice Journal entries should be between 400 and 600 words in length.

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