Clinical Experience Assignment Questions


Answer the following questions keeping in mind the current situation with the COVID 19.

Create a paragraph for each of the following points (you need to have three entries at least):

what are your anxieties and concerns and what ideas have you come up with to be able to cope with them?

What is the professional code of ethics? Explain the five characteristics/statements mentioned in the book. How can we keep the patient’s privacy?

What are the advantages of the clinical rotations? When going to the clinical rotations, how do we have to prepare? During rotations we are exposed to different situations, and as a result, what safety measures we have to keep in mind?


Please open the active link (which is the title above to write your overview of the NAH programs on one word document with one program per page.

In this assignment you will watch videos (posted below) of Programs that we offer at NAH STC, after watching each, one page per program and a minimum of 100 words reflection on each of the professions. Include information that was new to you, and also how you believe that the healthcare profession that you are pursuing will interact with these health professionals once in an actual healthcare environment. Also include at least two new pieces of information about this profession that you were unaware of previously.

Each page should have a proper page title centered and your name and section number in the top right header of the page. The reflection must be Times New Roman twelve point font, and each reflection will begin at the top of it’s own page

Emergency Medical Technology 

Medical Assistant Technology 

Health Medical Administrative Services 

Radiologic Technology 


Claim your Fears: Make a list of any aspects of your upcoming clinical experience that you are concerned about. Then write down questions you ask your instructor that will help you better understand and prepare for these things

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