Clinical Analysis

During this course you have learned how to conduct evidence based practice and use the data obtained from the research to apply clinically. You have learned how to ask questions based on your determined clinical interest via the PICO format, use the PICO framework to guide your literature search, and categorize and rank your findings based on the validity and reliability of the evidence obtained. At that point, you would be ready to apply methods/model to your research idea. This assignment will require you to evaluate and disseminate the research data as if it was actually collected.
Learning to evaluate results is an imperative step in the evidence based practice process. This phase adjudicates whether the desired results were obtained and if those results had a positive or negative impact on the research topic. It also sets the stage for drawing conclusions based on findings and determining if your research produced valid evidence. Did the data obtained accept or reject the null hypothesis? Were statistical analysis instruments utilized? Did the chosen statistical analysis determine any statistical significance, and if so, what was the data’s p value? What type of significance was obtained from the data; was it statistical or clinical?
After the data has been evaluated, conclusions have been made, and the impact determined, the researcher assesses how best to inform the public of these results. There are different methods that can be utilized, but this is usually determined by two factors: the target audience and desired reactionary course of action. Is your research most appropriate for a publication? Are you aiming to address policy makers? Are you advocating for community change, and if so, are news outlets the best approach? Are you trying to inform educators, and if so, are poster presentations or seminars the most appropriate dissemination route? This is the culmination of the entire research process, so it is necessary to choose the most appropriate platform for maximum impact.
At this point in the Ph.D. program, you should begin to direct your thoughts to your dissertation research topic and keep these methodologies in mind as you develop your research plan.
In this assignment, you will write a 5-8 page paper detailing how your research would be evaluated and disseminated effectively if it was conducted. Begin by providing a brief overview of your research topic including a discussion of the topic’s background, an explanation of how the topic bridges the gap to previous research conducted, and a statement why your topic would make an impact in the field. Then describe your established PICO framework question and the search engines utilized. Be sure to address the methods necessary to conduct the research and describe how you would evaluate and disseminate it if it were actually conducted.
You must address how you would prove evidence validity and reliability within your research topic. How would you determine statistical or clinical significance? Additionally, throughout this course, identify and evaluate what areas were your strengths and weaknesses. Was there any module that was challenging to overcome within your research topic? If so, why, and how did you overcome the struggle? If your EBP scenario was to be played out in real time do you think providers would experience the same or different strengths and weaknesses as you? What could have been done to better improve the process or the outcome?
You must use a minimum of 4 sources. The format and style requirements are as follows:
• (Must be a minimum of 1200 words, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 fonts, and the pages must be numbered)
o The EBP Assessment paper must also include a title page, a reference section with a minimum of 4 research citations
• Format of assignment is APA-reference and title page is not included in the word count
• Acceptable sources (e.g. scholarly articles published within the last five years)
• Attached is my paper with my topic (name of file is my Topic Paper)
• Attached is the Grading Rubric

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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