Charitable Contributions

Joe has heard that many other companies have improved their reputation and sales by contributing a portion of their profits to charitable organizations. Give an example of one company that has been successful donating a portion of their profits to outside charities.

Would you recommend that Joe contribute to this initiative? If you decided to make a contribution, what organization would you contribute to? Have you examined their financial statement to see what are the administrative costs? Compare two charitable companies that contribute for similar causes (for example two medical ( i.e. Susan Korman Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society, or two developmental charities Habitat for Humanity and Good360) Look at what percentage of their contributions are received by the desired recipient, consider Would this impact the charity you suggest for Joe?
Provide the website and print out the information you relied upon.

Answer the questions for each section in Microsoft Word. Please label each section accordingly and be sure to provide all the supporting data from the internet that helped you to critically think each of the problems posed to Joe. Many answers are not “right or wrong” but are based on the analysis and thought provided. All answers must be typed, spell checked and proof read.

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