Character Assessment Theory Paper: Overview

Due Dates:  See course timeline for due dates


Students will choose a character from a film to assess. Students will apply theories, perspectives, and methods described in class to the character and the character’s environment. The purpose of this assignment to assess: 1) your ability to apply theories and methods, and 2) articulate why you chose a particular theory/method. Follow the outline below and use the “CAT Paper Template”.


Briefly describe the film and the character you have chosen.

Why might this character seek help from a social worker and in what setting?

Comment on their motivation. Are they seeking services because they think they need to? Or is someone or something pressuring them?

Bio-Psycho-Social-Cultural Assessment

Theoretical Approach

Next, choose a theoretical approach from class to analyze the data in your biopsychosocial assessment (do not choose Piaget’s cognitive development or Erikson’s psychosocial development since you discussed them in the assessment).

In this section, you pull together the descriptive data on the character’s life and situation that you presented in your biopsychosocial assessment into a critical and theory-based analysis of the dynamics of the character’s problems and strengths.


In this section, identify challenges and problems to be addressed and present goals and methods/interventions that are consistent with the theoretical approach that you have chosen above. You will use multiple outside sources to identify the best evidence-based practices for addressing your client’s problems and setting appropriate goals. Think of this section as the beginning of treatment planning.


Your final paper should be 10 pages in length, Times New Roman, 12 point, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, and use APA format. Include a minimum of 5 sources (at least 3 outside sources). Sources should be credible and may include books and peer-reviewed articles. One of your sources must be your textbook. Your movie does not count as one of your minimum sources but should be cited in your paper and included on your reference list.

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