Case Study: Norms and Expectations


Case Study: Norms and Expectations

This first case assignment is based on the material about setting norms and expectations in the classroom. 


  1. Go to
  2. Read and complete case study Level A case 1 pg. 10 and case study level B case 1 pg. 13
  3. Read the Star Sheets for this material. These sheets summarize the research and how to’s that address the case material.  In other words, these pages teach you what you need to know in order to do this assignment.  Each case tells you what concepts you need to apply under, Possible strategies.  You should also refer to what you learned in the readings and material for this course (Dr. Macs Behavior Management Site). You should follow the current APA style to give credit for ideas as you compose your solutions.

Your paper should have the following parts for both cases:

  • Introduction to the case in your own words
    • Summary of each problem or question to be addressed
    • A response based on what the star sheets taught you and the other readings and materials for the course.  Be sure to give credit for ideas but put your answers in your own words.  DO NOT COPY FROM THE STAR SHEETS.  You can use (star sheet, p. xx) as a format.
    • A response based on what texts have to say on the topic.  DO NOT COPY.  Use your own words.  You can use (Author, date, p. xx) as a format.
    • A response based on what Dr. Mac has to say on the topic.  DO NOT COPY. Use your own words.  You can use (Dr. Mac, topic you read, page number is available)

  • You can also talk about what other sources said.

Universal Positive Behavior Support for the Classroom

Essential components of RTI: A closer look at response to intervention

  • Repeat the above for each question or problem presented in the case.
  • Complete the assignments for each of the two cases in one document but clearly identify the different cases. Be creative and detailed in your responses. Your responses should be with elaboration and thoroughness.  You should have a brief introduction to each case.  Be sure you use Word and save as a rich text or readable document.
Case Study Rubric
Paper adheres to the current APA style and has zero or few grammar/spelling errors.20
Final product attends well to all components listed in directions.45

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