Case Study: Mrs. Smith

Question: Case Study 2 Scenario:

Mrs Smith – Appropriate Resources Agnes Smith, A 78-Year-Old, Has Been Admitted To The Local Hospital After Experiencing A Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), Otherwise Known As A Stroke. She Is Cognitively Impaired And Agitated. The Entire Healthcare Team Becomes Involved When Planning The Appropriate Strategies To Treat Mrs. Smith.

Scenario: Mrs Smith – Appropriate resources

Agnes Smith, a 78-year-old, has been admitted to the local hospital after experiencing a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), otherwise known as a stroke. She is cognitively impaired and agitated. The entire healthcare team becomes involved when planning the appropriate strategies to treat Mrs. Smith. Doctors, psychologists, dietitians, occupational therapists and social workers will contribute their specific professional expertise to Mrs. Smith ‘s care plan.

As an HSA, you read Mrs. Smith ‘s physical, social and emotional history to gain an awareness of her preferences. You discuss with your co-workers the planned responses to minimise her agitation and report and record any changes. You carefully observe Mrs. Smith and attend to her needs. In this way the entire healthcare team are working together to respond to her behaviours of concern.

Why is it important for the healthcare team to become aware of Mrs Smith’s preferences?

What strategies could the HSA use to prevent further agitation in Mrs. Smith?

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