Case Study: HR Strategy Assignment


The Human Resource Management function of any organization must be in strategic alignment with the organization. This set of assignments will provide you with an opportunity to analyze an assigned organizational model, its current market position and how it is supported by the HR function. You will have an opportunity to recommend a change to the strategic HR activities of the organization to assist it in improving its ability to meet its organizational objectives and ultimately its mission.

Complete a case study for the Costco corporation.  You will find the case (#3) in the case section of the course text.

A formal, in-depth case study analysis requires you to utilize the entire strategic management process. Assume you are a consultant asked by the Costco corporation to analyze its external/internal environment and make strategic recommendations. You must include exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations.

There will be three portions for the Case Study each submitted during a different Module/Week.

5Case Study: Company Business Model
6Case Study: Data Analysis
8Case Study: HR Strategy


This portion of the case study assignments will require you to

Place the results of the Case Study: HR Strategy Assignment in a single document and post it to the Case Study: HR Strategy Assignment submission link.

Now that you have conducted your analysis of the Costco corporation to include its HR function and activities, your role is to act as a Change Agent, and provide a recommendation, based on your analysis, of what the HR department needs to set as a goal to improve its alignment with the organizational mission and objectives.

Provide a narrative, based on the data analyzed, to submit the following:

  • 8–10-page narrative including supporting research
  • Executive Summary
  • Identify the business unit within the HR department (i.e., staffing, compensation, benefits), to that, based on your analysis, requires a change.
  • For the above selected business unit, set a goal and develop a strategy.
  • Create the goal in SMART format.
  • Provide rationale for the goal.
  • Describe the recommended strategy to accomplish the goal. Include the timetable to accomplish the goal.
  • Provide a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy.
  • Include a discussion (with research support) of how this goal, when achieved, will provide the needed support for the organization to achieve its mission and objectives.
  • Include a discussion of how this goal is in alignment with Scripture. Provide scriptural support. Note: Biblical integration is not an afterthought, but rather the foundation upon which we make business decisions.

Place the results of the Case Study: HR Strategy Assignment in a single document and post it to the Case Study: HR Strategy Assignment submission link.

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