Case Study – From the teacher of a Year 4 Class

Sarah is eight years old and attends a year 4 class. She has recently joined the school after moving house from a different area. Sarah’s teachers say that her behaviour is challenging and unacceptable (swearing, shouting, attempting to provoke other pupils and temper tantrums) and she has few friends. She also displays academic weaknesses and is one year behind her Year group in reading and spelling. Sarah’s teachers are concerned about the impact her behaviour is having on other pupils.

1. You are an Educational Psychologist and you have been asked to see the above child. As an Educational Psychologist, working within the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (DfE, 2015), consider your ongoing support/advice/actions and the type of intervention ideas that you might discuss with the teacher/school in helping them to deal  with  the  emotional  and  behavioural

difficulties of this child and her impact on other children. Use empirical evidence to support your ideas.

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