Case Study: Data Analysis Assignment


The Human Resource Management function of any organization must be in strateglic alignment with the organization. This set of assignments will provide you with an opportunity to analyze an assigned organizational model, its current market position and how it is supported by the HR function. You will have an opportunity to recommend a change to the strategic HR activities of the organization to assist it in improving its ability to meet its organizational objectives and ultimately its mission.

Complete a case study for the Costco corporation.  You will find the case (#3) in the case section of the course text.

A formal, in-depth case study analysis requires you to utilize the entire strategic management process. Assume you are a consultant asked by the Costco corporation to analyze its external/internal environment and make strategic recommendations. You must include exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations.

There will be three portions for the Case Study each submitted during a different Module/Week.

5Case Study: Company Business Model
6Case Study: Data Analysis
8Case Study: HR Strategy


This portion of the case study assignments will require you to conduct an analysis of the assigned organization through the use of various tools/matrices.  It is important to conduct this analysis to better understand where the organization is positioned in the marketplace and identify areas in which it may need to improve, change, focus and so forth to gain a competitive advantage and be better positioned to ensure it achieves its organizational mission and objectives.

The following analysis must include an analysis of the company’s current HR activities.

You will need to complete and submit the following:

  1. SWOT Matrix and Analysis (comes from researching the firm (to include the HR function) industry, and competitors).  It is important to know the difference between causes and effects in the SWOT analysis. Causes are important, not effects. 
  2. Focus on internal and external analysis when completing this matrix. 
  3. This matrix should be based on research and contain quantifiable metrics. 
  4. Use the format for a SWOT analysis followed by a narrative with research support describing the items listed in each quadrant.
  5. Each quadrant should include a bullet list of 8-10 items including an analysis of the HR activities.
  6. Every bulleted item must contain an in-text citation.
  7. Each bulleted item should contain some element of quantifiable data/information.
  8. None of the included items can be a personal opinion or personal experience.
  9. Note: While it is not required (and will not impact your grade for the assignment)…If you are confident analyzing the company’s financial statements, go to the next section of these instructions for more information. Utilize the course textbook to assist you in calculating the needed ratios. In doing this analysis, you will be better able to accurately identify the strength of the company’s market position and its capacity and/or need for change. (See the additional information below for your assistance.)
  • Once the SWOT Matrix and Analysis is created, construct the TOWS also known as the Bivariate Strategy Matrix. [Note: Follow the same guidelines as above.]
  • Group Map – create this based on the firm as a whole or a specific SBU, clearly identify which method you chose and why. Include the chart and a narrative description with research support.
  • Competitive forces analysis:       
  • Use PESTLE & Porter’s Five Forces as the foundation for this analysis. 
  • Clearly identify the factors that are impacting the firm, research is required to support the position taken in your narrative.

Place the results of the Case Study: Data Analysis Assignment in a single document and post it to the Case Study: Data Analysis Assignment submission link.

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