Case Study: Analytics and the Use of Advanced IT

Vincent Valley Health Care System has created an Innovation Center under the leadership of Dr. Robert Munsey who is chief of Family Practice.  One of its first major projects is to create a new approach to delivering primary care.  A team was formed which included:  Dr. Cynthia Andreson – Medical Leader Tasker Foothills primary care clinic, Sameer Inanpudi – Director of Business Intelligence and Jim Hanson – Special projects manager.   The charter for the project states that the new primary care model should consider utilizing leading edge technologies ((big data, cognitive computing, data visualization, text mining, wearable technology, mobile computing, Internet of Things, etc.)

A data set was available from the Federal Department Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed household time use in the Tasker Hill area.  A sample of this data is included as an attachment to this case study. 

The current primary care process can be seen as a series of steps which are initiated as an acute episode (e.g. athletic injury) or chronic disease management (e.g. follow visit to manage high blood pressure.)  The steps in the process include:

  1. Patient calls clinic to make appointment
  2. Drives to clinic, park and walk to clinic waiting area
  3. Checks in at desk (name, conditions, insurance changes)
  4. Completes current medications and history form
  5. Enters exam room
  6. Nurse collects data (blood pressure, weight etc.) and current issues and history
  7. Physician Enters and conducts examination
  8. Physician completes treatment plan, advises patient, order drugs as needed, complete documentation in Electronic Health Record
  9. Patient is provided with printed visit summary and plan and exits

Concerns about this current process include

  • Much of patient time is spent in non value-added activities
  • There is no direct system for follow up between clinic visits
  • There is no system to collect useful clinical data between visits 
  • There is no accessible opportunity for patients to monitor their own progress toward meeting clinical goals

The team first examined the data and then created a new system for delivering primary care to patients with chronic conditions.  They scheduled a meeting with Dr. Munsey to present their proposal. 

 What was the new process and systems use?

 What were its advantages and risks?

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