CAPD Activities

This CAPD should focus on the Pharmacy program because am a pharmacy student

Write 500-1000 word reflections each academic year describing your personal and professional growth during that half year and how the approved CAPD activities you engaged in supported your personal and/or professional development

Please include the following in each reflection:

 ▪What CAPD activities did you attend during the half year and why were they of interest to you?

  ▪What aspect(s) of your personal and professional development grew during the half year?

 ▪Did the CAPD activities you participated in during the half year have any impact on your personal and professional growth?  Why or why not?

  ▪What area(s) of personal and professional development would you like to focus on in the upcoming half year and why?

▪What steps do you plan to take to address this area of focus in the upcoming half year to year?

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