Business Research Report

Module:Business Research  
Assessment Title:Research Report
Word Count:2,500 words +/- 10% Markers will stop reading after the + 10% point and the grade will be based on what the marker has read up to this point. 
Submission Date: 

There are three activities which make up Task 2 as follows:-

Activity A: Literature Review (1,000 words)

You will produce a written critical review of key literature based on the themes of your business research (identified as part of Task 1) to inform and support your business research project.

Activity B: Fully supported rationale for your chosen research method and design (1,500 words)

You will produce a written narrative explaining and fully justifying your research method and design.  To do this you will evaluate business research methods analysing the appropriateness of their use for your chosen business research topic, fully justifying the rationale for your chosen method(s) specified in your outline proposal for Task 1.  

Activity C: Supporting Appendices for your Ethics Approval ProForma

As appendices to a UREC ProForma you are expected to attach a range of supporting documentation. For this activity you are specifically required to submit:-

  • Project Plan/Gantt Chart – A diagrammatic representation of the key activities, milestones and timings for your project
  • Contingency Plan – A plan identifying potential problems/risks at each key stage of the project and contingency plan for overcoming these

Submission Guidance:

Word Count

For this task the word count applies to Activities A and B only. All text apart from tables, charts, appendices and bibliography is included in the word count.


Your work should use relevant academic theory and be supported by academic referencing. 

University uses APA 6* referencing style in order to extend the choice of online tools and apps you can use to make referencing easier.  Find out about APA referencing and the range of apps and online tools for quick and easier referencing at:

Please note that the University is moving to the new APA 7 Style which you can use in this assignment instead of APA 6.

Presentation & Formatting

  • Use Calibri or Arial font size 11 and 1.5 line spacing
  • Include page numbers at the bottom of each page
  • Your cover page should include the following information:
    • Your name and student ID
    • Module name
    • Assessment Task Title
    • Details of any learning contract requirements
    • Word count

Submitting your work

You should submit your work online via the Blackboard submission point on the hand in date.

Turnitin submission

This is required for Activity A and B only.

You will need to upload the final version of your work to the Turnitin submission point on the hand in date.

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