Brick and Mortar

Joe has been able to supply his products to market when an order has been received and payment has been made. Similar to other online businesses, when a customer demands a Drain Cover then Joe reaches out to the supplier and has the specifications and the design cut. Once a customer orders, then he/she is put on a mailing order and receives emails and information about other products and supplies similar to the one ordered. At this time Joe has not been in the business of creating paper catalogs. He thinks that is a waste of money and time. In addition, Joe has rarely found that customers repeat orders. Meaning that once they order a decorative drain cover the product lasts for a considerable amount of time and does not need to be changed. Unfortunately, this is not a seasonal item that requires a turnover or change.

Joe has often felt that given his dynamic personality that he should be able to sell more items if people spent more time with him. He wants to open a store which will require additional expenses he does not currently face given that he maintains only an online presence. What would be some of the additional expenses associated with the opening of a store? Will this increase his sales? Would you suggest to Joe that he open a store? Where would you open a store?

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