Biblical Worldview Paper Assignment Instructions


To prepare for this assignment, read the MacCullough (2016) textbook (Chapters 1-3 and 11-17) and view the Watch: Biblical Integration item in Module 4: Week 4. Then, write an informal essay that addresses the following four questions:

  • What is a worldview?
  • Why is worldview integration so important for a Christian teacher to implement?
  • What does it mean to “integrate”?
  • How can a teacher begin to develop worldview integrative activities into the curriculum regardless of whether they teach in a Christian, private, or public school setting?\


Your essay must follow these guidelines:

  • It must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document containing your last name in the file name (e.g., FritzBiblicalWorldviewAssignment.doc).
  • It must include a brief introduction and a brief conclusion.
  • It must have at least four complete paragraphs for the body (one for each question addressed). Each paragraph must contain a minimum of 100 words.
  • It must include at least one in-text citation for each paragraph. These may be specific references, quotes, examples, etc., from the text, the presentation, and/or credible websites in order to support your answers to each question.
  • It must include a title and references page using current APA format.
  • It must have Times New Roman 12-point font, be double spaced, and have one-inch margins.
  • It must contain proper grammar, spelling, mechanics, etc.

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