Bias and Inclusivity in the Workplace

The purpose of this assignment is to consider the various topics related to bias and inclusivity in the workplace as it pertains to company policies and commitments.
In 600 words, explain how you would create an inclusive workplace culture. Be sure to address the following points:
* Evaluate how bias, cross-cultural barriers, and ethnocentrism impact the organization, and address how you ensure that your employees feel they are represented and heard?
* What are at least three characteristics of an inclusive workplace?
* Determine the course of action a workplace can take to demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and respect for various cultural approaches.
* How will you ensure that your organization is not only culture-sensitive but there is also zero-tolerance policy to bias, such as racial, gender, etc.
* How does the communication of this type of policy differ for a global vs. a domestic organization?
In your research, accomplish the following to include a required mix of three sources, at a minimum:
* Use the Forbes article, located in the topic Resources, called “12 Practical Ways to Ensure Effective Communication Among Multicultural Team Members,” as one resource.
* Include two or three additional resources, with at least one from the Wall Street Journal, that provide examples from sources or case studies.

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