Barriers in Doctoral Studies

For this journal assignment, answer the following:
● What barriers do you think may arise as you work on your doctoral studies,
and what will you do to overcome them?
● What support mechanisms do you have available?

In addition, reflect on your Time Management Plan in your journal entry and address the following:
● Considering your schedule, what is your biggest barrier to ensuring 13 hours of study time per week for one course? Or 25–30 hours per week for two courses?
● Who do you need to have conversations with to help minimize this barrier?

Finally, reflect on your learning throughout this course. Your journal entry should address the following:
For this part, use APA style writing as one of the skills gained
● What did you learn in this course that surprised you? How important APA use is in writing scholarly articles
● How can you use the information and skills from this course going forward as a scholar-practitioner?
● What skills will you be able to use in future courses?
● What skills do you need to continue to work on in future courses?
● What resources, if any, did you find extremely helpful during the course?
● What resources, if any, will you continue to refer to in future courses or everyday life?

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