Assignment Two Memo on Goals of Each Research Question

This memo clearly describes the goals of each guiding research questions. Being clear on the goals of each of your questions will help ensure that you are collecting the data necessary to answer them.

We recommend charting out each research question and mapping the goals underneath that question by using bullet points to try to consider a range and perhaps even a typology of goals. This can help you articulate each of the study goals as it relates directly to each aspect of the research questions.

Theoretical Framework Memo

This memo is intended to help you develop your theoretical framework at an early stage of your research and at multiple points in your study. A theoretical framework memo might use some or all of the following questions as guides:

  • Which theories am I using to frame the study topic and context?
  • From which fields/disciplines do these theories hail?
  • What bodies of research do they belong to?
  • Why these fields and disciplines or bodies of literature? Why not others?
  • How do these various framings intersect or relate to each other and to the research questions and setting?
  • How am I using/engaging with these theories specifically and why?
  • What are the benefits of these theories?
  • What are the challenges and critiques of these theories?
  • What assumptions underlie these theories and my choice to use them in my research?
  • Do they cohere as a framework for my study? Why or why not? What can this tell me about my topic and setting?

What argument am I making as I situate these theories?

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