Assignment for Essay #2: Silenced Voices in Giovanni’s Room

In the last essay, you wrote about a character’s voice or the impact a voice can have in a situation.  For this essay, you’ll investigate the causes or effects of voicelessness in the novel, Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin.  Choose one of the following for your focus:

  1. Causes of David’s silence
  2. Effects of David’s silence
  3. Effects on David of being silenced

To prepare, read Giovanni’s Room.  As you read, flag places in the novel where you notice David’s silence, the causes of it and the effects of it.  Keep an index as you go along so that you can easily go back to find the places you need when it comes time to write the essay.

You will not need to use any secondary sources for this essay it should be all about what you notice and think about the topic you choose.  However, if you do look at a source for ideas, be sure to cite it properly, use signal phrases, and use quotation marks around all direct quotes.

In the FOUR body paragraphs of your essay, you will SHOW the reader evidence for your points using quotes from the novel.  Be sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence that makes a claim. 

As in essay #1, the introduction of your essay will need to include the title, author, and a brief summary of the novel.  Make sure the last sentence of the paragraph is your THESIS.

In the conclusion of your essay, the goal is to discuss why voice and silence matters. Use any of the techniques that we explored in our lesson on conclusions. 

Use MLA style for margins, parenthetical references, bibliography, etc.

For your draft, which is due on ________________, you only need your thesis and body paragraphs, not the introduction or conclusion.

The version I’ll grade is due on _________________.

Then you’ll revise that after getting feedback, and you’ll hand in that portfolio version for a new grade on _______________.

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