Assignment Briefing: Individual Portfolio

Module NameHuman Resource Management
Module Code 
Assignment TitleIndividual Portfolio
Type of SubmissionIndividual report + log sheet
Weighting of the assignment in the overall module grade30%
Word Count/Time allocation (for presentations)1,000 words (+/- 10%, excluding log sheets, references, and appendices)
Issue Date 
Submission Date   
Date of Feedback to StudentsWithin 20 working days
Where feedback can be foundIn Canvas on the script and in the comments panel
How these skills are being developed in this assessment
You will develop reflective, critical thinking and writing skills through the development of your individual portfolio. In your participation of assessment centre and CV360 activities, you will focus on your presentation, networking, creativity and digital skills.  
Assignment Task
  This is an individual portfolio assessment which has 2 tasks that are worth 30% in total on the module.  
Task 1 is to write a critical reflection of learnings from the Assessment Centre.
This reflective piece should cover the following aspects:  
•What are your reflections on your strengths?
• What are the unrealised strengths you would like to adapt?
• What might be the lessons going forward?   The individual student feedback report, provided after attending the digital Assessment Centre, must be attached to the reflective report to show your participation in each of the three activities: an interview, group task and presentation.    
  On successful completion of the module, students are expected to apply employability concepts to produce a professional portfolio that prepares them to access and navigate employment as a graduate.  

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