Assignment 5: Signature Assignment

Course Objectives:

  • Revise artifacts from previous coursework throughout the program based on feedback from the instructor.
  • Organize a significant collection of artifacts in an e-portfolio including projects, papers, and other relevant examples showcasing work completed during the program to demonstrate mastery of the program objectives.

Signature Assignment ==> Select an assignment from your concentration. See the attachment.

Using the attachment, locate your concentration, and select one of the assignments. You will want to spend your time this week reviewing and critiquing your item before submission. You should have all of the following corrected:

  1. All mechanical errors
  2. All content errors
  3. Any other feedback received by your faculty member should be incorporated.


Submit your assignment once you have ensured that all corrections have been made. Make sure you keep the final version of the assignment as you will begin loading it into your Portfolio in Week 6. This assignment will NOT be submitted to Turnitin as it was previously submitted by your faculty member.Grading Criteria:
Please review the grading criteria provided for details on how this assignment will be evaluated.

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