Assignment 1: Personal Action Plan

A personal action plan allows you to consider your communication weaknesses and strengths in planning for change when applied to conflict resolution.  Personal action plans are potential road maps to achieving success and outlining continued learning.

6 pages, 1.5 spacing, separate cover page with student name, course name.  References used must be done APA style.

Introduction:         Purpose of this paper and why this action plan is important to you.

Strengths:              Identify two personal strengths that you believe are helpful in communication and/or resolving conflict within your work or personal life.

Weaknesses:         Identify one personal weakness that you believe you have with respect to communication and/or resolving conflict.  Explain why you believe this is a weakness and what impact this weakness may have within your work or personal life.

Action Plan:           Consider what you can do to improve yourself in this particular area of communication and/or conflict resolution.  What specific actions/behaviors are you committing yourself to?

Evaluation Plan:    How will you measure your progress and success with respect to the above intended actions?  Be specific and detailed in how you will know when you have achieved these changes.

Conclusion:           A closing paragraph with a clearly stated summary reflecting the theme of your assignment.

Post Script:            What are the advantages of this personal action plan for you?

Please use the headings as outlined here within your assignment.

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