Assignment #1: Developing Research Questions and Hypotheses

Instructions: Answer each of the following questions in this word document and submit this in Canvas. Be sure to explain/justify your answers. Cite the Krysik (2018) text as well as the Marsiglia et al. (2018) article and paraphrase as much as possible.

Briefly describe the social problem in the article (1. Introduction).

  1. What is the population of focus? Be as specific as possible.
  • What do the authors state about illicit drug use among adolescent youth? 
  • When the authors report 30-day prevalence rates, what 3 drugs are they referring to?
  • What health outcomes do the authors cite that are associated with drug use? Be sure to cite the article.
  • The authors cite Johnson et al. (2018) when reporting rates of drug use among adolescent youth. Please go to the references page in the article and find this citation. What is the name of the survey that they are citing? hint: name of the survey is in the title of the citation

Go to section 1.2 Theoretical Approach.

  1. What theory guided the work in this research study?
  • How does this theory define the micro, meso, exo, and macro systems? Paraphrase brief definitions for each of these systems.
  • Using the Krysik (2018) text, please detail why theory is important in social work research.

Please go to section 1.5 Purpose.In this section, the authors state the purpose of the research.

  1. What is the purpose of the study?
  • Rephrase the study purpose into a research question.
  • What is the study’s main hypothesis? Is this a directional hypothesis or non-directional hypothesis? Why?

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