Article Re-Review

Re-locate the Journal Article used in Assignment #1:

For this assignment, re-locate the journal article you used for Assignment #1.

If you received a note from me that the article you used for Assignment #1 was not a research article and/or would not work for the final assignment (this one), you will need to find another article to complete this assignment. Make sure that the new article follows the definition of a research article as defined in Assignment #1. Please ask me if you are unsure if an article fits the definition.

Answer the following questions as completely as possible:

Provide the stable URL for the article or upload a copy of the article with your answers.

Part 1: Research Design Elements (1-2 pages)

Describe the research design used in the research reported in the article. Provide enough information for a basic understanding of what the research was about and how it was conducted. In other words, you should, at a minimum, address the following:

  • What was the intent of the research (e.g., exploration, description, explanation)? Who or what was being studied?
  • What mode(s) of observation were utilized?
  • How were participants selected for observation (i.e., how was sampling conducted)?
  • What kinds of ethical (or other non-methodological) considerations regarding the research process were discussed? If these were not discussed, what should have been discussed or what issues were likely handled in the research?

  Part 2: Measurement (1-2 pages)

Choose ONE of the variables (or themes if qualitative) studied in the article.  (Choose a variable that has some complexity to it—unlike the variable AGE, for instance.) 

  • If the article is based on quantitative research (for most students, this is probably the case):
    • Provide as much information as you can about how the variable was operationalized or measured. If the author(s) provide information on how the measure was developed, present that information as well. 
    • At what level of measurement is the variable measured? Explain.
    • Briefly assess the operationalization of this variable in terms of validity and reliability. Discuss any other issues that you noticed in terms of measurement quality (e.g., precision, accuracy, etc.).
  • If the article is based on qualitative research:
    • Provide as much information as you can about the following: How was this theme/idea conceptualized? How was information collected about the theme? How was the theme used? How did they check the interpretation?

Part 3: Commentary (1 or more paragraphs)

Discuss anything else in the article that has become clearer to you now that you have completed this class. You can also discuss things that remain a mystery!

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