Anthropology of Gender

Reading Response Essay Three

How do various societies construct gender identities, sexual practices, and gendered bodies? Compare and contrast the religious, cultural, economic, and other factors that shape these different identities and practices. Discuss the novel Middlesex and at least three of the assigned texts from Part 3 of the syllabus (Weeks 10-16).

Essays must include significant reference to the novel Middlesex. Read through the comments you have received on essays 1 and 2 before writing. You may include films screened from Blackboard, but these must be in addition to discussion of the written texts. Essays must be double-spaced, 4-6 pages long (not counting bibliography) with proper citations, page numbers and a bibliography at the end (see Guidelines handout on Blackboard). Upload essays to Blackboard in .doc/.dox format, on the due date. Name the file with your last name: Smith essay 2. A half grade will be deducted from an essay that lacks proper and consistent citation of sources. This essay must consist entirely of your own writing. Any degree—even a single sentence—of ChatGPT material, or plagiarism in any form, will result in automatic failure, with no opportunity for resubmission.

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