Administrative Duties

Read this entire document and scoring rubric before beginning the assignment. This is a scenario-based project that will be written with in professional report style and formatting. This project is preparing you for a real world situation where you can directly apply what you have learned and practiced in the PSM program.
Foundation of the Report
This is a multi-part assignment in which you will write a comprehensive report on the scenario, create a PowerPoint presentation, draft a press release, and defend your response in the assessment center on week 14 of the course.

  1. Your report should include the following pages:
    a. Cover page
    b. Executive summary
    c. Body
    d. Reference page
  2. PowerPoint should include:
    a. Ten slides
    b. Comprehensive notes
  3. Press release
    a. Release should address main points
    b. Release should include next steps

Write a comprehensive report on your emergency response plan to a critical incident involving a train derailment in your jurisdiction. This plan needs to address strategic considerations of a jurisdictional response – not individual tactical assignments of units. Your project shall be written to your departmental personnel and elected officials. Your project is a strategic plan and budget written to elected officials and departmental personnel, so use appropriate language for this audience.
The train derailment response shall assume the busiest, most crowded day of the week. Assume the train was carrying several hazardous chemicals that are highly toxic to people, animals, and the environment if released. In addition to the toxic chemicals, highly flammable materials are assumed to be involved. Your public safety role (police, fire, emergency medical services, or emergency management) is your choice in this report. You should address this as a continuingly worsening incident as the release of toxic chemicals and burning of flammable materials significantly complicate the situation.
The reason for this presentation is that a similar incident recently occurred in a community with similar characteristics to yours. Your community and elected officials want reassurance the numerous response agencies in your community are prepared to handle large scale incidents where cooperation and coordination are critical to public safety.
Project Elements
Your report needs to outline the strategic considerations and appropriate actions that would be taken. Do not include tactical level assignments of individual units. Your information needs to provide your audience with specific information on how multiple agencies will work to manage the incident. The elements of the project are:

  1. Identify strategic considerations for this type of incident.
  2. What incident considerations are critical to include in devising strategic objectives?
  3. What agencies and/or organizations will be called upon to assist with this type of incident and why (Mutual aid/automatic aid)? What will their role(s) and responsibilities include?
  4. Where will they fit within the incident command structure?
  5. What staging areas, shelters or other pertinent locations are needed to support this type of incident? What agreements are needed to support these activities?
  6. How will the public and environment be protected?
  7. How will communication with public occur?
  8. Provide a detailed explanation of the disaster declaration process. Your explanation should begin at the local level and continue to the federal level.

Project Formatting
Your report shall be a professional report written for your organizations leaders. This report is preparing you for a real world situation where you can directly apply what you have learned and practiced in the PSM program. For this project, you will be graded on your ability to format to these instructions:

  1. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font and 1” margins
  2. Left justify the text. Do not indent the paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.
  3. Set the line before and after spacing for 0 point and the line space for 1.0
  4. Use good transitions between paragraphs and/or consider headings to separate points.
  5. Each paragraph should have a single point of focus and be approximately seven to ten sentences in length.
  6. Include page numbers in the footer area at the bottom center of the page.
    Things to Avoid
    Here are some cautions and this to avoid:
  7. This is a professional project where information should be paraphrased and cited.
  8. Do not plagiarize
  9. Do not procrastinate in starting this project.
  10. Do not use websites such as Wikipedia,, Dictionary .com, or trade journals.
    Please ask questions early if you do not understand any aspect of this project. Use the Open Forum to post general questions as your questions may help others. The real world application of this assignment will help prepare you for work related situations where you must be able to critically analyze situations, justify a position on an issue or incident, and clearly articulate competency in handling administrative duties. Submit early to demonstrate your professional approach to this assignment and prevent last minute circumstances from impacting your ability to meet the requirements and deadline.

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