Addressing Climate Change

This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the content of required readings via bullet point summary of approximately 750-800 words. You should examine connections between the literature and physical, socio-political and/or economic environment that you live in or observe in real life. You must incorporate each required source for the topic.

Assignment I – Local planning efforts might be criticized as being limited in comprehensively addressing climate change effects. Would it be better to simply go ahead with something measurable, rather than engaging in what might be endless discussion?

Required Sources

Levy, Chapter 14 (34 pgs), and selected portions of Chapter 15 (pp. 317321; 332-333; 336-339 and 341-346).

International Panel on Climate Change. (2021, August 9). Headline Statements from Summary for Policymakers. Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press. In Press. (2 pgs).

Poticha, S. (2021, May 4). Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development, and Insurance, Hearing entitled Built to Last: Examining Housing Resilience in the Face of Climate Change (18 pgs

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