Acquisition and Development of Human Capital


The purpose of this assignment is to look closely at the acquisition and development of human capital.  Additionally, explore the nature of motivation to align with the business strategy. 

Directions: Complete the discussion for Parts A and B. 

Part A-Initial Post

Write a response to only one of the prompts. 

Why is it important to adjust motivational styles to individual employees?  Are there any general principles of motivation that today’s managers should follow? (Chapter 10)

Imagine you must fire an employee.  What effect might the dismissal have on the remaining employees? (Chapter 11)

Do you believe that union shop agreements are violations of a worker’s freedom of choice in the workplace? Why or why not? (Chapter 12)

Prepare your initial discussion by providing a detailed response with at least three paragraphs.  A paragraph consists of 4 to 6 sentences. 

Prepare to defend your answer by incorporating at least two citations (MLA or APA format and and one citation can be your textbook). 

Part B-Replies

Respond to two of your peers with at least two paragraphs incorporating :  compare, contrast or additional information.  No credit given to simply agree with the statements and you must also defend your response and include one citation.  Additionally, a paragraph consists of 4 to 6 sentences. 

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